четвер, червня 01, 2006


School ended yesterday. I have pictures!

Me and my second form: (front) Dima, Sasha, Roman K., (middle) Nastya, Lilia, Artem, Valery Y., Radj, Dasha, Alina (back) me

Half my 5-A form (some of my favorite kids ever!) (front) Yulia, Dasha, Olia, tall Alina, plump Alina (this is how they are in my grade book!) (back) Maksym, Alosha


[I have many more photos...but this computer doesn't let me see the photos before I post them, so I'm randomly going by when I think they were taken. This has led to some really random photos being posted and me editing this post multiple times.]


At 5:04 пп, червня 01, 2006, Anonymous Mom said...

Great to see your pictures, especially of the fridge! Hope to see more (in the near future!)


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