пʼятниця, травня 05, 2006

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, awful, no good, very bad day. I think I'll move to Australia.

Points to anyone who can identify the subject line.


Apparently my mom's web site didn't show up last time. Whoops.

Yesterday falls under the list of "days I don't want to repeat," as it started out with me throwing up breakfast for unknown reasons before 7:30 am, continued with what appears to be a permanent stain on my much-loved and worn-multiple-times-per-week denim skirt, a phone call from Peace Corps lecturing me for not having paperwork in, various other small things, and concluded at 10 pm with my discovery that my couch cover is stained and must also be washed. I HATE washing laundry by hand without running hot water.

On the up side, today was a good day and I think I'm getting a fridge next week. My regional manager from PC is coming to visit, and this has prompted the fridge to arrive. (Nelya is all a-tizzy and has offered to help me make sure my apartment is spick and span. She has also lectured all the students within an inch of their lives if they misbehave next Friday. And I'm just thankful that third form doesn't have class on Fridays!)

Congrats to Jason and any one else who's graduating from MSU this weekend. (Abby? Rachel? Ayla?)

Due to our loving administration, Balaklia schools have classes tomorrow instead of Monday, in order to give us both Monday and Tuesday off. Rarrgh. Can't we have another four-day weekend? :)

Next Tuesday is Victory Day, which I believe commemorates the end of WWII (we call it the Great Patriotic War over here). We had an assembly at school today. A woman who I think might have been in a concentration camp in Germany spoke, and some of the kids sang. She and I chatted a little before the assembly started...she has a number tatoo on her arm and mentioned camps and Germany, which makes me think she was in a concentration camp. She had heard of PC, and wanted peace and friendship between people. It was a cool experience.


At 11:46 пп, травня 05, 2006, Blogger Brad and Megan said...

In reference to the title...

I think it's a kids book called Ralph's terrible, horrible, awful, no good very bad day. Am I even close on the name?

At 6:31 дп, травня 06, 2006, Anonymous elizabeth said...

The book is called "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."


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