середа, травня 03, 2006

Sunday: Baptist church in the morning, pork roast for dinner at the Y's house (I am reliving my childhood, it seems) followed by Sunday afternoon naps for all (I ended up on the living room couch), Sobrania church in the evening ("Sobrania" is the Russian word for "congregation," and as it's how the K's church refers to themselves, rather than by any denomination, I'll make it simpler for all of you and just use that as the church name).

Monday: got up at 3:30 am to get to the train station by 4:30, as I was going with some of the K family and some other people from church to what I thought was an orchestra concert ("orchestra" being the one word I'd understood the night before). It actually turned out to be a youth convention/revival meeting, which involved youth orchestras and choirs. It also involved an alter call, and Bogdan K, one of my 4th formers, asked Christ into his heart (I think...). The music was great, the preaching was over my head due to being in Russian, and the latent anthropologist in me started working overtime. It's interesting to watch the interactions of conservative religious belief (this church is much more like the Rock Lake one than the Baptist one, and there's a whole post in that alone) interact with the Ukrainian tendency to be extremely concerned with dress and appearance.

Spent Monday night at Tif's as it was on my way home and I knew my mom was going to call. Her extra beds are more comfortable than my couch.

Yesterday I was invited to my tutor's house for a visit with her, her daughter, and another English teacher in town. It was fun, and we talked about the differences between high school graduations in the US and Ukraine.

Today I am tired!


FYI, my mailing address didn't change when I moved.


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Prayer answered: Nadia Y has some summer clothes that she doesn't want and is going to pass on to me. As I'm low on non-t-shirt clothes for the summer, this is a blessing. I feel like a lily of the field, toiling not nor spinning.


At 1:42 дп, травня 05, 2006, Blogger Brad and Megan said...

Good to hear your misadventures and such, Sally. Maybe I should've put you in touch with a Russian phrasebook at B&N instead?


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