середа, квітня 12, 2006


Maybe I'll have a new apartment later this week. My director has found several possibilities, with the most promising so far being one about halfway between the center of town and my school (this will cut my walk to school about in half). It has electric, gas, and water, although not hot water. I guess that's what the gas stove is for--heating it up. I haven't seen it yet, though, so I won't hold my breath on it. PCV housing isn't definite until your stuff's in there!

Other options are/have been an apartment that the people decided not to move out of, an apartment without electricity, and sharing a house with a single elderly man who lives next door to the school (the house reminded me very much of my Grandpa May's in that there were large piles of books and clutter all around, and it was difficult to explain to my coordinator that this was not an acceptable situation for a young woman, no matter how nice the man...he did have a washing machine, though!).

Prayers about housing would be appreciated!