субота, травня 20, 2006

fridgeless, Saginaw, and skirts

Still no fridge. I called my regional manager on Thursday, and he called the director, who had apparently been in the hospital for high blood pressure this week. She was back at school on Friday, and annoyed with me for asking her about the fridge. However, apparently there is maybe a possible fridge which is small, old, and may need freon added to make it work that I might be able to get in the next few days. Since today is my 5 week anniversary of fridge-less living, this gives me some hope.

Once again, Tif and I are in Kharkiv for the day. We were at McDonald's, where I noticed a girl in culottes with a t-shirt (printed in Russian) that had the verse from Isaiah about mounting up on eagles' wings. I considered telling her that I liked the shirt, but didn't want to get a weird look since I'm a non-native speaker. However, I was wearing Tif's Notre Dame sweatshirt (yes, it was painful to this MSU grad, but I hadn't brought my coat and it was a bit chilly), when her father asked me if I was an ND grad. I said no, MSU, and it turns out that they are Baptist missionaries to Russia who are originally from Saginaw! To make this even weirder, his college roommmate was Zane Aufdemberger (sp?), who is the pastor of the Baptist church in Lakeview. I went to prayer meeting there once in high school with a friend, and I used to go to the pastor's yard sales, as they had a daughter a little older than me who wore very cute skirts and jumpers. It's a small, small world.

Speaking of cute skirts, I picked up a light cotton one in browns, greens, and pinks for 10 hryven at the used clothing store in town. It's too big, but I think it can be altered easily, and it's very light-weight, which will be good for summer.


At 5:09 дп, травня 24, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

Sally - This is Robin Michelson if you remember me from Riverview :) What are the names of the missionaries from Saginaw? I am from Saginaw and went to Hopevale Baptist while I was there...just wondering if there might be a connection. I've enjoyed reading your blog! I am teaching World Geography this next school year so I might utilize you when we study Eastern Europe :)

At 2:52 дп, червня 05, 2006, Blogger Jason said...

Wow - Saginaw! Maybe us Michiganders have a gift for tolerating the harsh Ukrainian and Russian winters, so God puts you and the Baptist missionaries in Kharkiv.

In some cosmic way, it's fitting that you are buying clothes and I am giving mine away. My closet is full to bursting with all the clothes I ever bought, got as gifts, and got handed down from Dad since middle school, so I'm donating quite a few pants and shirts to the nearest Salvation Army store.

I hope to see you wearing your new outfits - sooner rather than later!

Love you,


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