середа, січня 04, 2006

a Sally with Internet is a happy Sally

Well, I've been to the bank four times and I'm not sure if I have an account or not. However, apparently Peace Corps was able to wire money to them and I got it, so I no longer am subsisting on three hryvnas.

New Year's Eve was a lot of fun. One of the teachers at school who's my age invited me to spend it with her and her husband, and we had a good time talking and trying to discuss the differences between US and UA holidays. Liz called me at 7:15 am UA time to wish me a happy New Year...I was pleased, although possibly incoherent. On Monday, Tifanni, our coordinators, and I went to the circus in Kharkiv, which was a lot of fun. Tif and I are going back to Kharkiv on Friday by ourselves to explore the city.

I have spent a lot of time lately explaining that I learned Ukrainian rather than Russian. Although Russian is the primary language here, I've decided to keep studying Ukrainian for now, as most people understand it and I don't want to let the three months I've already studied it go to waste. However, I plan to start on Russian in the summer. Peace Corps keeps telling us about PCVs who ended up fluent in two languages by the end of their service...maybe that will be me. It could be useful in the long run, post-Peace Corps as well. (Is there such a thing as post-Peace Corps? Inconceivable!)

For Tina and Aunt Donna, as well as othe people who are interested in sending me books/DVDs, etc.:

Yes, Ukraine has technology for VCRs and DVDs. Also, I can play DVDs on my laptop. If you want ideas on what to send movie-wise, Mom can give you good suggestions. Tina, as far as books go, anything by C.S. Lewis would be great...hmm, what else...basically, anything thought-provoking and Christian is good. If you're sending books, try M-bag...I'm not exactly sure what it is, except that it's relatively cheap and takes forever to get here, but it's the best way to send books, I've been told. The post office can probably explain it. :)


At 11:24 пп, січня 04, 2006, Blogger Brandi said...

It might be cheaper to buy DVDs in Ukraine. Remember that your computer will eventually set to the region code that you are in, so you have to decide if you want it to play US or Eastern European DVDs. I've set mine to Germany so that I can watch movies in multiple languages.


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