четвер, грудня 08, 2005

bits of this-n-that

Just got out of English Club...our last one here in Zgurivka! We made Christmas cards (thanks to my Mary Englebreit page-a-day calendar for pictures), and told what we wanted for Christmas presents. One boy wanted a "small toy pig". Whatever floats your boat, I guess!

My newest fascination: the tv show Firefly, which is something of a cross between a sci-fi show and a western, complete with much witty dialogue and character development. Chris, one of the guys here, has a bunch of the episodes on DVD, so I've been borrowing them from him.

Tomorrow I teach a "demo lesson," which basically means that my tech instructor and the rest of my cluster come see what sort of a teacher I've become. Based on the quick glance I gave the lesson book earlier, I'm teaching letter writing. This could be interesting...writing is not my kids' strong point. But several of them came to English club today, so they've had some practice.


At 12:50 дп, грудня 09, 2005, Anonymous elizabeth said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. The letter is coming ... slowly but surely. I started it, then I got a bit bogged down with schoolwork. I should be able to finish it over the weekend.
Did you get my E-mail with my address? (I'll assume you did, unless something is wrong with your E-mail!)
Well, I must be off to return to the life of an insane person!

At 12:07 дп, грудня 10, 2005, Blogger Una Meredith said...

Адміністратор блогу видалив цей коментар.

At 2:22 дп, грудня 13, 2005, Anonymous Pastor Dave said...


It is good to be able to read how you are doing. I hope you continue to overcome your illness.

Remember you are getting to be a LIGHT where many of us will never go. That's Awesome.

Have a Merry Christmas!!


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