неділя, листопада 06, 2005

Lesson Plan

Class: SJB, PST 29

Date: 6.11.05


SWBAT (student will be able to):

Primary Goal: accomplish a trip to Kyiv by herself

Supporting Goals:

a) travel to Kyiv by herself via marshrutka, aka "very crowded bus" (a trip of roughly 2 hours)
b) walk from the marshrutka station to the Metro
c) get off at the correct Metro stop
d) find the Peace Corps office (keep in mind that the Metro stop where she got off isn't one that she'd gotten off at last time)
e) check email, pick up any mail for her cluster that's there, visit with other PCVs and PCTs
f) find the GCM church in Kyiv, located quite close to her original marshrutka stop
g) visit Eric and Cindy Thomas, GCM missionaries in Kyiv, as well as attend their church's rummage sale, perhaps purchasing a coat
h) if time permits, go to church
i) ride the marshrutka home

Presentation of new material:

Student will read her map of Kyiv, and get directions to the GCM church from Eric Thomas.


Host brother will coach student on vocab words needed to buy tickets, find her way, etc. He will also confirm that she has figured out the correct metro stops.


Currently in the process of completing this activity, on step d. Lord willing, the rest of it will go as well as this has so far.


Okay, so that was a bit silly. It is also how I'm supposed to write my lesson plans, more or less, except that Yaroslav, my training instructor, wouldn't like it because I didn't give homework. :) Basically, I was the only person in my cluster who wanted to come to Kyiv today, so I had to come on my own. I wanted to meet the Thomases, and this is the last chance I'll get for a while, as they will be on furlough until January, and who knows where I'll be then. So I packed my bag, Mama Luda sent apples along with me for refreshments, and I came. And I'm quite pleased with how it's gone. God is good, and maybe I'm a bit more adventurous than I realized. :) Besides, I have to do this next week to get to and from my site visit (!!!), so this was my trial run.

And here's hoping that I can find a coat that fits at the church rummage sale today! (It just seems typical of me that I'm going to a church rummage sale, even in Ukraine...)


At 12:45 дп, листопада 08, 2005, Anonymous elizabeth said...

I need your mailing address and I can't find it anywhere! I was sure it was somewhere on your blog or LJ, but I can't find it! The sooner you get it to me, the sooner you get this postcard and its subsequent letter (which hasn't been written yet)!


At 4:36 дп, листопада 08, 2005, Anonymous elizabeth said...

Never mind. I got it from Jason, who conveniently happened to come to practice for a short time this evening. Your postcard will be in the mail tomorrow morning (Tuesday November 8 here ... I have no idea what the time difference is between you and me).



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