пʼятниця, листопада 18, 2005

site visit recap

Site visit...wow. I don't even know how to begin to describe it, short of the 5-8 page letters I'm writing to several people. But this post will need to be shorter, as I'm at the office in Kyiv (once again) and my friend Erin is waiting for me to go out for coffee/tea/something.


~I twisted my ankle half an hour before getting on the train for 13 hours.
~The first question my host family wanted to know (at 6:30 am) was whether I am Orthodox, Catholic, or Protestant.
~My host mother tried to play matchmaker with me and one of the local English teachers (sorry all you romantics out there, I'm not interested).
~My school is AWESOME and I love the kids. :)
~My director (principal) is one of those women who will accomplish everything in life and you don't get in her way. We had tea a lot this week, which is something I hadn't done with the principal since third grade. She speaks to me very loudly in multiple languages.
~The primary language there is Russian. Guess I'm learning another language.
~I received multiple gifts, including two address books, a bead flower, a flag, 9 apples (three of which were pickled with asprin and horseradish), a wall plaque, and a wooden rooster.
~I think I'll really like living there.


At 10:39 пп, листопада 22, 2005, Blogger Brandi said...

Don't overdose on the drug laden Apples! I hope that I will be getting one of those letters. Your next one from me should come to you shortly.

At 7:28 пп, листопада 23, 2005, Anonymous Tim Rau said...

So now you're learning Russian! I guess soon you will be able to start speaking "loudly in multiple languages" as well.


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