субота, січня 21, 2006

snow, cold, and internet

Apparently, the library's Internet does not work on weekends. However, the post office has Internet that is both cheaper and faster than the library's. I hate to ditch my darling librarians, who visit with me and smile when I come in, but this is an awesome connection!

Haven't had school the last two days. Nelya called me yesterday...apparently there was school and only a handful of kids came. I'm not sure why I was told not to come in if there wasn't school, but as it's been -25 C or lower most of the time, it's all good as far as I'm concerned.

My best story of the week: Thursday was some sort of Orthodox religious festival having to do with Christ's baptism. So my host mom, a friend of hers, and I go down to the river around 5 pm (when it's pretty much dark), and they strip down to their underwear, kneel on the ice, and pour three buckets of river water (one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Spirit) over each other. Keep in mind it was at least =25 C. Then they got dressed and we went home, as I refused to be doused. More than anything else, this incident has reminded me that I live in a foreign culture.


At 8:16 пп, січня 22, 2006, Blogger Brandi said...

Oh my gosh! Seems like good prep for standing up under religious persecution to me. I hope that you have a really good heater. Just watching them would have made me cold.


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