субота, січня 14, 2006

a full-fledged schoolmarm

I am officially a "real teacher". I did not come to this conclusion because I have taught nine classes over the last two days. I did not come to this conclusion because of all the students who smile up at me (or just look confused) and call me "Miss Sally" or "Missis Sally" (depending on if they understand the logic behind the titles). No, I am a real teacher because one of my eighth form boys drew an unflattering portrait of me, complete with frizzy hair, a mean look, and "Salli" written next to it. It's my initiation into being a spinster schoolteacher.

Frankly, I wanted to bust out laughing once it came into my possession. (He wouldn't give it to me, and as it was being passed around the room it got dropped and I grabbed it.) It's just so cliche, drawing a caricture of the new teacher! I had hoped to keep it, but when I showed it to Nelya, she confiscated it and told the director (principal). I think Misha made a poor choice, to use my mom's terms.

I love teaching. Seriously, I felt like Laura Ingalls or Anne Shirley or Christy Huddleston this week, starting the semester at this small rural school (okay, not very small, but there's only 300 kids total in 11 forms). I hear "Good morning, Miss Sally!" all day long. Novelty hath its charms, so everyone is waving their hands to be called on. My country studies classes are attracting kids from other schools (children of teachers at my school). My third form is wild and my fourth form is angelic (but I think I like the third form a little better!).

Hyrivnias is pronounced "hreevnas" or "hreeven". It can also be pronounced "greevnas" or "greeven" if you want to sound Russian. :)


At 8:58 пп, січня 14, 2006, Blogger toni said...

so, since you feel liike Laura, Christie, and Anne, does that mean we may have a book forthcoming in the future about your experiences :). Glad you got our package. Praying for you!

At 10:01 пп, січня 14, 2006, Anonymous Mom said...

How on earth do you say "hr"? Is is like "her"or /h//r/? Happy to hear you've started teaching...I'm sure it will be rewarding and stretching. Love you.

At 4:10 пп, січня 15, 2006, Anonymous Brandi said...

I definitely expect a book. The only condition is that you have to wait until you can write it in Russian.

At 5:49 дп, січня 16, 2006, Blogger Squire said...

How do you say "Teacher" in ukranian?


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