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weekend update, sickness, and movie review

Friday: Kharkiv in the evening. Craziness ensuing when Tif, Julianne, Teresa, and I were together. Met a new PCV named Meredith who's a Christian, went to GVSU, and maybe knows the Bennett girls. Small world.

Saturday: Sorting through Tif's stuff. I inheirit many things--pots, school supplies, bedding, and clothes, including a blouse of hers I've been teasing her about, as it fits me better than her. :) Watching Serenity.

Sunday: Tif sick. Me at church. Watching Posession, which adapts into a movie much better than I had expected...you just remove all the literary criticism and several minor characters, and it makes a pretty good movie in a different way from being a pretty good book.

Sunday night/Monday: I get sick and have a temperature of 101+. Send Tif off to Kharkiv at 2:45 am. Go back to bed, knowing that Nelya and Vera are supposed to come for tea at 11. Get up at 8, half dead, and attempt to clean the apartment. Around 9:30, get text message from Nelya postponing until 4 pm. Collapse in bed. At 1 pm, get text message from Nelya canceling due to family stuff. Feel sorry that Nelya's having problems but very relieved that I don't have to have company. Watch Walk the Line (review following). Somehow survive the rest of the day, feeling better.

Tuesday morning, 4:30 am: Wake up to discover that I have a temperature of 101.8 and am coughing up phlegm with a small amount of blood in it. Take ibuprofen and go back to sleep.

Tuesday: Wake up to no fever, so assume that I'm better. Go to school and work with Nelya on the Internet. School Internet is very slow. Decide that a good thing to write a grant for would be high-speed Internet with training for teachers on how to use it. Tif calls. I tell her about how I felt in the night. She questions what on earth I would think serious enough to call PC Medical about if a high fever and bloody phlegm don't qualify. I realize she has a point. I call PC Medical, who are out on lunch, and leave them a message (I currently do not have a fever nor am coughing stuff up; however, my throat is raw). Now checking email on high-speed connection at the post office. Then will buy more bottled water, go home, and watch directors' commentaries on movies, which I think were created for the enjoyment of PCVs.


Movie Review: Walk the Line

This bio-pic of Johnny Cash is very well done. The music is good, and the actors all sing their own songs. Reese Witherspoon sounds a LOT like June Carter Cash.

Actually, Witherspoon's performance was the highlight of the movie for me. She has a wonderful way of portraying, "I care about you deeply and will be here with you to help you through the mess you've made of your life, but oh-my-word will you hurry up and get a grip on things!" complete with an eye-roll to match. (Both the people I commented on this to pointed out that that's sort of how I am, complete with the eye-rolling, so perhaps that's the appeal for me.)

Anyhow, I just talked to the PC nurse, who told me to go home, drink liquids, and sleep for the next two days, so I'll sign off for now. The movie is better than my review, trust me.


At 2:16 дп, червня 14, 2006, Blogger Brad and Megan said...

Sorry to hear your hacking up such nasty stuff...hope you get better soon! And yeah, Walk the Line is a great film. Megan and I saw it at the theatre here 3 times while it was playing! We can afford to do that since movies are $1.50. Just one of the fringe benefits of living in a developing nation.


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