середа, лютого 22, 2006

(early) spring has sprung

I have just had some man ask me some question about Xeroxes while sitting here at the post office typing away. I simply said that I didn't know, and he seemed quite surprised. This may have been one of those questions that I should have known because I was on the computer.

My church-going on Sunday ended up as somewhat of an adventure. I thought I was at the Kyiv International Bible Church, but apparently two congregations use the same building at the same time, and I ended up at a Russian-language Pentecostal service that was almost three hours long. No, I was not blessed with the gift of tongues, and yes, I felt as if God was giving me all the church I've missed in one lump. After church, I hung out with the Thomases, and then caught part of one of the GCM church services that was in English translated into Russian, before I had to catch my train back to Balaklia.

It's great to be back teaching...my kids had made Valentines for me. I'm amazed at their artistic creativity, especially as their oral work tends to follow strict patterns and be very non-creative.

It's in the mid-30s Farenheit today, which means that I go outside without a hat but the roads are very slushy, as there aren't drains in them.


At 11:20 пп, лютого 24, 2006, Anonymous Анонім said...

Girl, I am so excited to hear that you have found some amazing glimmers of light there!! Yea for spring too! -Amy


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