неділя, січня 29, 2006

maybe I get to go to school tomorrow!

I think we'll have school tomorrow, thank goodness! I feel as if all the free time we begged for during PST has been delivered in one big lump.

I've continued reading books and writing letters in copious amounts, but the letter writing tapered off when I got sick of writing "It's X degrees today. We don't have school again." I also visited the used clothing stores in town and bought two sweaters for 3 hryvnia each. The lady who worked there asked if I was Polish.

Yesterday was Marina's 50th birthday. When I asked if she was going to have a party, she said, "No, just a couple of friends are coming for a visit." I think we had 8 or 9 people who stayed the entire afternoon and ate large quantities of food...I'd hate to see an actual party!

Prayer requests: that I can find a church; that school will get started again; that I'll be less homesick (I think school starting will help with that one...)


At 11:41 пп, січня 30, 2006, Blogger Cheryl said...

Hey Sally, Your mom mentioned last night that you were feeling homesick so I thought I'd check out your blog and leave you a note.
I don't remember what I've said before so if I repeat myself I apologize. I'm taking a semester off school which will put me till possibly summer of 2007 before I can finish.
When I think about it I'm a little bummed that we never got together when I was staying near Lansing but I guess that's what happens when life comes at you fast.
If you run out of books to read let me know and I will get a care package ready for you. Life without books would be a tradgedy.

At 2:24 дп, січня 31, 2006, Anonymous Анонім said...

hey sally!!
mrs marshall told me that meghyn stevens and i got all league for Lang. arts team. and two other girls (callie and kat) got honorable mentions. i also got the 'mvp' award thing for the csaa district.


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