субота, лютого 11, 2006

walking in a winter wonderland

School was canceled for four days due to cold, which meant that on Friday, when we finally DID have school, lots of kids were absent. I only had 3 kids in my 4th form, which was a lot of fun and gave me time to work with them more closely. (Why can't that ever happen with my 3rd form?) 9th form and I need to have a talk, as they don't seem to find their homework worth their time to do. Aargh.

Currently, Mike and I are bumming around Kharkiv for the day, as everyone else in our region is in Kyiv for an inservice training for Russian. We have Ukrainian IST starting on Tuesday, so I'll get to see everyone from my training cluster, plus a lot of other people. I'm hoping to see my host brother from training and Eric and Cindy Thomas, but I still have to figure out schedules.

It's beautiful out today...the snow is falling, and it's only a little cold. We've wandered up and down the streets, Mike bought a coffee press, and then we're going to find an Irish pub Mike knows about later.