понеділок, лютого 05, 2007

not much going on these days...it's too cold

How you can tell it's cold: the jug of drinking water at church yesterday had a large piece of ice floating in it. Vitaly and I noticed this, and when we told Viktor and Nadia later, they almost didn't believe us. Almost everyone wore their coats in church yesterday. The young female crowd (that would be all 5 of us girls between 10 and 25) started out without our coats, but we had all put them back on before the first song even started.

I had 16 kids show up to my junior English club today...this time, even one of the 2nd form girls showed up, and they haven't learned the whole alphabet yet! I had problems with some of the fourth form boys, sent one home, and told three of them that they have to take a week off from coming because they were misbehaving. I'm mean like that.

I had a couple book review thoughts that I wanted to post, but I don't have the books with me and I don't remember the titles and authors exactly. So that'll have to wait.