субота, січня 06, 2007

One more post from Kyiv. Because I can.

After a lovely morning spent enjoying high-speed Internet, Garrison Keillor, and McDonalds (again), I met up with Tanya at Globus, the big mall on/under the main square in Kyiv. The walls above ground are all glass, so we sat in little pink squishy chairs around a glass-topped table and ate ice cream while simultanteously admiring the view outside and all the crazy boots that walked by. (I've realized that "boot watching" is a hobby I've picked up ever since I needed to buy boots. And not to get off topic, but while I was at the airport this morning, I saw knee-high turquoise boots with very, very high stiletto heels and pointy toes...with a big sparkly turquoise purse to match. Ooh, shiny!)

So we caught up on jobs, movies, books, general life, and all sorts of other stuff, which was fun. We also were amused that we both showed up in black coats, blue jeans, and red sweaters. Mwuhahah...maybe we really are twins born in different countries on different days. :)