субота, січня 06, 2007

Z novem rokum!

New Year's Eve 2006 at the Yukhemets house

Jason and the little boys playing trucks

Me with the two top rivals for my affections, Jason and Valera (technically it's Valery, but they all say Valera, so I will from now on as well). Fortunately, they got along wonderfully and there was no conflict. :)

Vlada actually let me take a picture of her for once! L-R: Dima (extended family), Vitaly, Vlada, Alina (1st cousin)

"Bag lady"? In bag: Snizhanna. L-R: Valera, Vladik (cousin), Yan, Ihor

Dad's job when the plumbing goes out and there are 21 people in the house--Victor fixing the toilet.

Jason and I with our stuffed animals from Did Moroz (Dima), the Ukrainian version of Santa Claus

Sparklers! L-R: Liza, Oleh, Uncle Vova

Singing worship songs in multiple languages just before midnight. L-R: Vitaly, Victor, Dima, Uncle Vova, Aunt Tanya

The little kids the next morning with the books I got them. L-R: Liza, Serogia, Alosha, Ihor, Snizhanna, Yan (Victor in the mirror!)