понеділок, грудня 04, 2006

Santa may be a bit late this Christmas, sorry

Incredibly frustrating moment: being told that I can't send all of my Christmas presents to my family in the same package because some of them are paper things and some of them aren't. The paper things have to go in an envelope while the other stuff has to go in a box. The very sweet post office lady told me that I have to come back tomorrow because she can't help me today. And she meant it nicely, I know, but still...

Aargh. Aargh. Aargh. Why on earth can't I send all my Christmas presents in one box? And having to wait another day makes it that much more likely they won't get there on time...sigh. I kept saying that I didn't understand, and the woman thought I didn't understand what she wanted. I understood. I just failed to comprehend why, for whatever postal reasons, my presents can't all go in the same package. I can understand not putting the non-paper items in an envelope. But why can't the calender (shh, nobody tell Grandma and Grandpa) and the other stuff (nope, not telling) not go in a box?

There are some mysteries too dep for us mere mortals to understand.


My AIDS lessons went really well on Friday, especially in my 11th form. This is a class who is usually out to lunch...I'd call it senioritis except that it happened last year as well. But they were (for the most part) mature, participated, and seemed interested in what I had to say. My 10th form went a little crazy, but it was last period on Friday and they couldn't handle talking about birth control.


I had a really cool experience on Saturday. A bunch of my neighbors and I got together to clean up the area outside the entrance to our building, organized by one of the middle-aged women who live on the first floor. There were eight adults and two little kids, and for two hours we picked up trash, raked dead grass and leaves, and swept off the cement. Ukrainians tend to just throw their trash on the ground, so it was neat to watch everyone working together to clean it up. Some of the kids from the next doorway down saw what we were doing and started cleaning their area. And I got to know my neighbors a bit better. All in all, a good time.