субота, січня 27, 2007

on the road (or train tracks, rather) again

Language Refresher was good. I felt like the sessions were useful, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with other PCVs. The group of people we had weren't really wild partiers, but instead preferred playing games--I played Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, and Pictionary. Much fun.

(The building staff apparently asked PC if we were a religious group, because we were so well behaved. Tee hee hee.)

Celeste, Rita, Andrea, Paul, and I had an iPod concert last night. This is where you put on the iPod headphones and sing along...the other people can only hear you. This is quite entertaining when people don't know the lyrics to their songs. I did "It Ain't Me, Babe" (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash), "That'll Be the Day" (Buddy Holly), "Hotel California" (The Eagles), and "Turn Your Radio On" (don't remember the artist). I had the worst time with the lyrics to "Hotel California", but got the biggest laughs for "Turn Your Radio On", because if you didn't grow up with old-time gospel music, hearing someone belt out, "Turn the lights down low/ And listen to the Master's radio/ Get in touch with God/ Turn your radio on," was apparently pretty funny.

I went to a couple of sessions on Ukrainian folk music and learned several new songs, which got stuck in my head all week. I enjoyed that a lot...the songs, that is, not having them go over and over in my head when I was trying to fall asleep. :)

I took an LPI (language proficiency interview) and was still Advanced Low, the same level as last summer. However, my tester told me that I was just below the Advanced Mid cut-off, and I know I've definitely improved since last summer. So that was cool.

No real news other than that.


At 3:43 дп, січня 28, 2007, Anonymous Анонім said...

I'm not laughing, but thinking of you singing "Turn your radio on" to a group of people who probably don't know the song does make me smile. Thanks for your posts.

Pam Behrenwald

At 10:10 пп, лютого 03, 2007, Blogger Jason said...

Dear Sally,

"And listen to the Master's radio..." reminds me of the times I listened to Smile FM on the drive between Livonia and East Lansing. It fades to static somewhere near Brighton - very sad, though I know it will happen every time.

Your example, in ways both seen and unseen, has bettered the Group 29'ers. The farther you walk along Jesus' path, the more your fellow PCVs will draw near to you.

Much love,


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