середа, грудня 05, 2007

ooh, it's going to be fun!

Ever since I got Internet this past spring, I've been keeping an Amazon.com wishlist of books I want to read and CDs I want to listen to...not necessarily that I'd be buying them off of Amazon at some point, but more just to remember them for later.

Tonight, I got on the Interloan catalogue for Tamarack Library. Probably at least two thirds (if not more) of the books I marked are available through the inter-library loan system. (Although very, very few of them are actually at Tamarack.)

Cheryl, as soon as I get back to the US and either find my old library card or get a new one, you all at the library will be seeing a LOT of me, as I catch up on 2+ years of books!

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At 12:02 дп, грудня 06, 2007, Blogger Lc said...

Hello from Azores - Faial Island.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


At 3:58 пп, грудня 06, 2007, Blogger Yi said...

Sally, you should get a goodreads account, because I want to see what books you are reading :) Books are fun!


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