середа, липня 25, 2007


My best story from today is, in fact, not my story, but rather that of Joni and Shauna, two college students who have also been afternoon teachers at DCU this summer. Shauna related it to me over McDonald's this morning, as we were both running errands in Donetsk (she got her hair cut, I finally was able to access my US bank account!).

So anyway...Joni and Shauna have a soft spot for cats. Last night, they found a pregnant cat who had been in a fight and looked pretty rough, so out of compassion, they took her in. The cat thanked them by having three kittens in the middle of the night, all over the bathroom floor and more specifically, on Joni's pillow which she had given to the cat as a bed. I guess it was a rather traumatizing experience, to hear them retell it.