вівторок, лютого 20, 2007

they keep dropping like flies...okay, like sick children

Today is not one of the Internet's happy days, as it has already kicked me off multiple times, to the point where the behind-the-counter ladies called in the Programming Guy. He fixed things, and the comment was made that the computer listens to him. :) I guess you just have to show it who's boss.

The flu continues, with 84 kids absent from school today (out of 270-odd). Kharkiv is also in quarantine mode right now, and I wouldn't be surprised if we'll be there soon. I've been told when 1/3 are absent, but I think the decision has to come from the raiyon administration, rather than from school staff. Having only half my students makes the lessons so much easier!

Apparently the education inspector for the raiyon is supposed to come watch me teach this week. I was sorry she didn't come today, as all the lessons went well. I'll be surprised if she comes, because she's said several times she'll come and then never shows.

The Y family butchered their pig this weekend. I went over to do laundry on Saturday and Nadia and her mom had the kitchen table covered in pork that they were packaging. It felt like home. :) She sent me home with a package of fresh pork, which my freezer is actually keeping frozen. (Yay!) I made pork stroganoff last night, which is a fancy title for pork, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and sour cream, all over mashed potatoes. Yum!

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