вівторок, лютого 27, 2007

batter up!

The flu continues, but as the kids are starting to trickle back in, it seems unlikely that we'll have a quarantine. The 6th form is almost all back, but the 7th form just got hit this week, leaving me with 8-10 students out of 24. It's nice. We played "baseball" today with questions about the Olympics (people who grew up playing "Bible Baseball" in Junior Church will understand how it's possible to play baseball without bat, ball, mitts, or bases), which is something I would never attempt if they were all there. Nelya and I sigh to each other about the ideal world in which we would have classes of 8 children, all equipped with British textbooks, parental support, and a CD player that would play all CDs. (Our current one will play regular CDs and the burned ones that Tif sent, but anything I burn off my own laptop won't work. Very annoying.)

Biggest giggle of the week: looking over Zhenia V's shoulder yesterday in 4th form to see that instead of "Classwork" at the top of the page in his copy-book, he had written "Dammwork". I didn't suspect him of being profane, so I asked him why he'd written that. "Isn't that how you spell it?" he asked me. No clue how that mix-up occured. The lesson flopped (as Nelya was the acting teacher and I was the assistant, I claim little responsibility), and I wondered if perhaps Zhenia was unwittingly giving his opinion of the class. :)

10A wrote a control (test) today. As their attendance had been sporadic even before the flu outbreak, the results looked pretty sad at first glance. Oh well, that makes them easier to correct!

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