середа, червня 13, 2007

Evangelicalism in Ukraine--links

I decided to post these links that I've recently found while poking around the Internet in hopes that you all (or at least Mom and Mrs. Green) might find them interesting and that they can shed some light on what evangelical Christianity looks like over here--the ways in which it is similar and dissimilar to evangelical Christianity in the US.

Protestants in the Former Soviet Union: What Survey Findings Reveal: Fascinating, but also troubling in spots--the average pastor's salary from the church work he does is roughly $70/month (for the percentage that answered the question on the survey). Most people I know have an average monthly salary of $100-$120 and think that it's difficult to live comfortably on that amount.

Ukrainian Evangelical Culture: This site is primarily designed for people coming on short-term mission trips, but there's a lot of interesting information about the structure of church services and the lifestyle of many Christians here...it's interesting for me, because I learned most of what's written there over a period of observation and interaction, and here it is all written out!

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