середа, жовтня 11, 2006

no time for a longer post

I'm alive. But very, very busy.


6th form textbooks. We started the year with no books, then were sent 13 for 31 kids and 2 teachers to share. Well, 23 new books (from a different company) showed up yesterday, and the exasperated conclusion that Olga Ivanivna and I came to is that if we had students who were basically fluent in English already, we could use them, but they're outrageously hard for the kids we DO have. It's enough to make me consider a textbook writing career.

Okay, not really. But still...

So we wait and hope for more of the correct textbooks.


I helped out in the 3rd form yesterday afternoon, as they were having trouble making phonics cards and I said I could help outside of regular English hours. When I came in, I got lots of hugs from the kids, and Angela smiled and said, "Our mom!"

Me: I'm too young to be your mom. I'm twenty-three.

Angela: My mom's only 25. (Angela's almost 9.) Our mom!

Valery Y: My mom from America!

Good grief, a mom already? When did I get old enough that little kids think I'm old enough to be their mom?

Of course, it hit me the other day that I am about the same age as Wendy Bates, my kindergarten teacher, was when I had her. Also my 6th grade English teacher Sally Ingles.

I turned into an adult at some point. It's sort of scary.


At 6:21 пп, жовтня 11, 2006, Anonymous Mom said...

If you're old enough to be an "adult", what does that make me as your mother?????????

At 3:51 дп, жовтня 12, 2006, Anonymous elizabeth said...

It is kind of scary, isn't it? When did we become adults? And why? Why couldn't we just stay as kids?

At 5:58 пп, жовтня 12, 2006, Blogger Pastor Dave said...

Scary for you? You were one of my youth!:)

Time has a way of just going on and on.

God's blessings be upon you!



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